LINDA LENNEA "Canadian Artist"

  • The “12 TREES” “Nature does nothing without purpose or uselessly” – Aristotle

The calming effect of green on our brain, the oxygen, the wood, the food, the protection – all this necessary elements to entertain life are given to us for free by a “simple” tree. Still having them around us, as part of our everyday life, we forget the big importance of trees in our existence as humans. The theme of “12 trees” brings together the beauty and the importance of Life through Nature. Bringing on spot 12 different trees around the world, we remind and underline the beauty, the differences as advantages, the connection of human mind to the outside environment.

Even if growing in different conditions, the same as humans, with more or less Sun and resources, the differences don’t make us superiors, smarter, more beautiful, it is just a way of complementing and completing each other and understand that we are still part of the same world. The Art Series “12trees” created by our artists Linda Lennea, it is a way of expressing gratitude to nature and a way of dressing our white walls in a clever, calming and unique way. Each painting will have as a subject one tree, about the story and about the process you can follow us from now on, on ATW and register to our ATW Newsletter for weekly notifications.

Our Art Series "12 trees" debuts  with one of the best known trees around the world, that stands out among the trees of the planet for its size, longevity, beauty and resistance to water rot – The Cypress Tree. In Greek mythology, The Cypress was a boy beloved by Apollo. In the best-known version of the story, the favourite companion of Cypress was a tamed stag, which he accidentally killed with his hunting javelin as it lay sleeping in the woods. The boy's grief was such that it transformed him into a cypress tree, a classical symbol of mourning.


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