Global Vernissage International Art Sponsoring

Global Vernissage International Art Sponsoring.

.Global Vernissage bypasses the thousands of useless online tips and tricks to sell artwork on the web, or the superficial organization of Facebook Friends and Twitter accounts to print customized business cards.

What are we trying to do? How is Global Vernissage different? On the contrary, Globe Vernissage is trying to offer long-term leveraged value for artists, instead of getting the last penny out of each artist. We are going a different way and revolutionizing the online marketplace and international Art Sponsoring opportunities for all artists. Besides our screen art exhibition, Global Vernissage embraces the development and international exposure of each artist by opening online registration to our site and providing a free 1-week exhibition on one of our screens. We are art sponsoring specialists.

Welcome to the global arena for pre-organized Brick and Mortar Exhibitions. Global Vernissage facilitates Magazine Advertising and Screen Exhibition on an all-inclusive international level. Of course, we cannot work with every artist. They have to reply and register, and Global Vernissage will contact the artist if they are considered suitable for our Art Sponsoring program. Register to Global Vernissage and contact us for an Art Sponsoring opportunity on a global scale.

Global Vernissage is an actual gateway for sponsoring your art and opening doors for more diversified international exposure, Screen Exhibitions, and Magazine Advertising opportunities. You can participate in the interdisciplinary discussion regarding Fine Art and sponsoring with other artists from all corners of the globe. We offer a structured registration process to contribute as a sponsored artist with Global Vernissage. Once you are networked and well-connected in our global community, the Art Sponsoring opportunities range from Magazine Advertizing to Screen Exhibition with our Brick and Mortar Exhibitions.

We look forward to working with prospective artists and benefiting each creative practice with valuable Art Sponsoring opportunities, Screen Exhibition, Magazine Advertising, and lastly, Brick and Mortar Exhibitions.

If you are interested in our project please use the form and send us some details….

Don Packwood

Manfred Hönig

Frank Kortan

Jo Ann Lowney

Vie Dunn Harr

Antonio Capel

M Zox Brown

Marianne Morris

Marc Cross

Karel Kopic

Agnes Boulloche

Linda Lenea

Poen de Vijs

Omar Ortiz

Peter Winberg

Gyuri Lohmueller

Andy Lloyd

Brita Seifert

Yelena Dyumin


Harold Ross

Jack Long

Z. Martiasvhili

B.J. Ingibergsson

Carl Warner

A. Manukyan

Igor Morski

Chris Miles