Poen de Wijs

Poen de Wijs
Very Sad News about Poen de Wijs ! A great Artist died on 25.08.2014. Our condolences to his Family

Nationality: Netherlands

Poen de Wijs, born in Nijmegen 1948, studied at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts in the Hague, 1966-1971 (MO-B). He lives and works in the Hague. Poen de Wijs' works developed from abstract to realism, with his first realistic water colours dating from 1977. Since then he has built up a sizeable collection of works, ranging over 700 pieces, initially in water colour, thereafter oils which was followed by acrylic paints in 1999. He has also created a large number of lithographs (graphic prints from stone).

His art became widely known throughout the Netherlands after his first realistic water colours, especially after his paintings were used as the LP covers for the group FLAIRCK. This, along with his successful exhibitions at Gallery Steltman, in Amsterdam (from 1979 to 1989) further ensured that he had firmly established his name. During a period when abstract art and experimental paintings was the hot topic of the day, reaction to Poen’s (his) work varied immensely. There were not too many galleries, who chose to exhibit realist art, at the time, due to a clearly divided “pro” and “anti” realist art campaigns and opinions.