Harold Ross

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Harold Ross:

Born into a military family in 1956, Harold grew up in New Mexico and Germany. His parents were adventurous, and took the family on outings almost every weekend... hiking in the desert, horseback riding and camping in the mountains, exploring castles and old gardens in Germany and camping in Italy. These outings, of course, left many lasting impressions.

After moving back with his family to the U.S., Harold began photographing. As a young teenager, he bought his first camera, a GAF Instamatic. He still has the camera today. Harold is deeply influenced by the work of photographers Wynn Bullock and W. Eugene Smith.

He earned a B.F.A from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 1978, after which he produced fine art and taught photography at the college level for several years.

Harold has been creating distinctive work in the studio as well as in the night landscape, using the technique of light painting, which he has practiced for over 24 years. He also teaches workshops in light painting and regularly gives lectures on his methods and process.

His large scale color work has been exhibited and published in the U.S. and internationally.