Brita Seifert

Brita Seifert Art


It is hard for me to discuss my own work; like your own handwriting, it is something that, at this point, is simply a part of me. People often ask me: “What inspires you to paint/draw?” or “What’s the meaning of your drawings?” Well, my work is mostly inspired by music, travel and personal experiences. Each work can either put you in another world, in the middle of a story or simply be the expression in symbols of my inner feelings.

The scenes in my work take often place in the twilight of morning or in the last rays of evening, the border between day and night, sleep and waking, blurring the distinction between the reality and the phantoms of the imagination. I want to invite the viewer into a world that is both familiar and unfamiliar, the world of the unconscious and the landscape of the dream, where there is a happy disregard for the laws of everyday reality and where images can become loaded with a subjective meaning that remains enigmatic and only half understood.

The persons in my works are mostly a symbol for myself and they reflect, of course, all my power and also all my weakness. But most of all emotional warmth, passion for the life and intensity. And sometimes they are ambassadors of love and honesty, of tolerance and openness.