Andy Lloyd

Andy Lioyd


I live and work in Gloucester, England and am married with two teenage sons. My art is about capturing beauty, pure and simple. I've been painting for over 20 years, and am self-taught. I mostly make use of Winsor and Newton acrylics as a medium, painting on canvas board or box canvases.

I specialise in figurative realism, but also paint landscapes and wildlife scenes. My speciality is creating a shallow depth of field effect on canvas. This creates depth to the painting by varying the degree of focus throughout the painting. This technique works well for portraits. My portraits often feature models from around the world, who have kindly given me permission to create elegant paintings based upon images from their modelling portfolios.

In addition to my art, I am also a published novelist and science writer, and have appeared on television, radio and in numerous magazines. I help organise the annual 'Art in the Park' exhibition in Cheltenham, England.