Peter Winberg

Peter Winberg


Peter Winberg is a Swedish painter born in Karlskrona 1965. He made his first painting in 1995 as a hobby and he is still doing it today. He never took any art classes. Peter is a self taught painter, who looks for interesting motifs in the world that is surrounding him. Usually he paints realistic landscapes and close ups of stones, fruits and other items.

His technique of painting is a bit unusual for some people. He enjoys to combine art with music, but not in the poetic style as artists do most of the time. The music must be very loud so that he feels comfortable and can turn off the surrounding world completely.

He is not living from painting and it is not his only hobby, another hobby is weightlifting. He has yearly exhibitions and his paintings have been sold in many countries. His first exhibition was held 2004. He lives and works now in the south part if the country, in the third largest city in Sweden, Malmo.

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