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I was always learnt that everything in this world has an introduction, a content and an end. So I feel responsible to write as a first article a resume about what I want to follow, write about and share with you on this blog. The main point of my blog will be to keep you informed about everything Global Vernissage is doing, site related, artists, events and of course my soul project International Art Screen Exhibition.

On a second layer everything what makes an important subject for me and I think it could be useful for you too, I will take care to share.This blog doesn't have the purpose to be a formal newsletter, it has the purpose to be a pleasant lecture for all my readers, art or not art lovers and to be a way to interact with people that have an opinion and sustain it with decent and pertinent arguments.
So I welcome you all on my little world and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Jo-Ann Lowney - about her new series of paintings

One of the artists that I am very found of is Jo-Ann Lowney. All her paintings are bringing me into a dimension close to nature, to beauty and to introspection. “ Storms and the Garden” and " The Tree of Life" are her newest series and I want to make known to you too this wonderful art pieces. As I always said art must give you emotions, bring you to a special mood and keep your imagination and attention and this is what precisely this 2 series are doing. But who can be more authorized to tell you about them if not the artist herself?! In this article you have the chance to read what have inspired  Jo-Ann and what is the story behind her latest paintings.


Storms and The Garden

These paintings of closely seen flowers within stormy landscapes are a response to the state of the planet at this moment.  I hope to immerse myself in nature to escape this pain of the world, but in the periphery of my vision, the storm is gathering.  The storm is destructive and perhaps reconstructive, it is dark and unknowable; it represents the power of the divine spirit at work in nature.  Its cause could be environmental, social or political upheaval, or some combination of these.  All I know is, it always seems to be something we never thought of.

I’ve learned to recognize the intelligence found in the simplest of things, and that it is possible to take comfort in the momentary ordinariness of browsing bees, bark’s texture, and the fur of a moth.  All of nature connects in interwoven patterns and influence. Out of the apparent destruction of the storm comes the renewal of life, just as the Lodge Pole Pine sprouts only when the cone is exposed to fire.  Sometimes we really must walk through winds and darkness to see the light.  So, I hope that our species will weather whatever storms it must, and become wiser beings for it.


The Tree of Life

Of all the productions of Nature, the Tree is one of the most complex and important of plants.  It is an open-ended symbol, significant in all cultures and mythic systems.

The tree is a riddle, a double-ended funnel. At one end, it draws material from the earth and extends organic life downward.  At the other end, the tree’s food originates in the sun.   A reversed tree suggests the drawing of sustenance of a spiritual kind from the universal source, the mystical or the divine, and the gift of creativity back to the physical world, which becomes possible when such gifts are molded into material forms by a creative individual.

What is the root exposed?  For the tree the root is a peculiar kind of opening to the inside.  The root is a mouth that swallows the earth, the raw materials of its food.  But the root also lets other substances out.  The root provides a means of exchange between the tree and the planet.  Without the tree, the earth would not be able to draw sustenance from the sun.  Life as we know it would vanish. 

The Leaf is an opening to the light and also to the air.  A tree transpires in the light, it uses carbon dioxide for its food production.  It makes more oxygen than it needs and breaths out the excess.  In the dark, it breathes it in and carbon dioxide out.  Multiply the action several billion times: the result prepares the earth’s atmosphere for life.  So, the tree in many cultures is a symbol of the source and backbone of life.