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I was always learnt that everything in this world has an introduction, a content and an end. So I feel responsible to write as a first article a resume about what I want to follow, write about and share with you on this blog. The main point of my blog will be to keep you informed about everything Global Vernissage is doing, site related, artists, events and of course my soul project International Art Screen Exhibition.

On a second layer everything what makes an important subject for me and I think it could be useful for you too, I will take care to share.This blog doesn't have the purpose to be a formal newsletter, it has the purpose to be a pleasant lecture for all my readers, art or not art lovers and to be a way to interact with people that have an opinion and sustain it with decent and pertinent arguments.
So I welcome you all on my little world and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Jazz Art - artist Marianne Morris


What did I always like on Marianne's Art is that it expresses through colours very well deep emotions. It doesn't matter it is a bird, it is a musician or a simple umbrela, the way it is done touches your human being. Interesting is the fact how she is applying the colours too. A brush, her hands, a common ustensile, it doesn't really matter. What matters is the final piece and the fact that Marianne follows her own style and you can recognize it imediatelly among others. This is what I like, whatever you do, not only as an artist to have and assume your own style.

About the artist I won't stop by to write too much, you can find and read about her on our site. With generosity she opened the doors or her atelier and soul and let us be part of her world.

Seeing the latest paintings from the Jazz Art Series, because yes it is finalized, it gave me one of the nicest feelings ever since I work in the Art Business. How nicely they all come together and how beautiful the final result is! If you take a look at each painting in part you see how interesting the artist developed her style in this direction from first painting to last. I honestly must say it is the Best Series of Artwoks I've ever seen and it makes it even special knowing there are not other Jazz Series ( at least from what I know) that bring in front of us so many Legendary Figures of the Jazz World.


Having the chance to see some of this paintings created under Artists at Work, makes my joy complete. I know as a first time visitor, what great impact have the images and how you rush to see from first step to last, the final result. But...if you give yourself more time and READ the story behind images I guarantee the time spent there is a gained time.

For the ones who love Jazz Music and I know there are many, it is a must you hang on your wall at least one print of the 12th, prints made ONLY in Limited Series!