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I was always learnt that everything in this world has an introduction, a content and an end. So I feel responsible to write as a first article a resume about what I want to follow, write about and share with you on this blog. The main point of my blog will be to keep you informed about everything Global Vernissage is doing, site related, artists, events and of course my soul project International Art Screen Exhibition.

On a second layer everything what makes an important subject for me and I think it could be useful for you too, I will take care to share.This blog doesn't have the purpose to be a formal newsletter, it has the purpose to be a pleasant lecture for all my readers, art or not art lovers and to be a way to interact with people that have an opinion and sustain it with decent and pertinent arguments.
So I welcome you all on my little world and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Altwinerhof Hotel - Art in Hospitality


If you think about rest when you think holiday, then we have 2 things in common, assuming that the first one is our love for art. Even if I am an active person with love for sports and nature, when it comes to holiday I don’t want to hear about long journeys that sometimes make me more tired than an usual week of the year. For this reason, no matter what place I visit, when I go in holiday I need a place where I can feel like home, something personal, intimate and of course comfortable. And precisely a special place like this makes the reason of my post today.

Far for me the thought this wonderful hotel is the best choice only for holiday. But you don’t expect to find your oasis of silence in the middle of Wien right? Well, Altwienerhof Hotel combines in the most fine way the needs and requirements of any sophisticated guest. Its central position assures its guests that they can be for sure and in time on any meeting, event they could have.


With very spacious rooms, individually decorated with classic furniture, but very modern bathrooms, this hotel welcomes its guests in the highest standards. Single rooms, double rooms, suits and family apartments are all options for your stay as a single traveller or a family holiday.

A very special area in Altwienerhof is the Vinoteka! You can taste best wines in a very comfortable saloon, play chees or listen to classical music or simple have nice time at a glass of wine with your friends and family. Another corner that deserves all our attention is the Garden. A lovely elegant garden, where you can enjoy every morning your breakfast or coffee.


But because any place, as beautiful as it could be, it is nothing without the right people, I must underline that the one who takes care on any little detail even if you don’t notice, all just to make your stay memorable is the General Manager Sorin Panus. This is what I call Art in Hospitality!

We are proud that our International Screen Art Exhibition is hosted in wonderful Altwienerhof Hotel!