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Managing Director Global Vernissage

I was always learnt that everything in this world has an introduction, a content and an end. So I feel responsible to write as a first article a resume about what I want to follow, write about and share with you on this blog. The main point of my blog will be to keep you informed about everything Global Vernissage is doing, site related, artists, events and of course my soul project International Art Screen Exhibition.

On a second layer everything what makes an important subject for me and I think it could be useful for you too, I will take care to share.This blog doesn't have the purpose to be a formal newsletter, it has the purpose to be a pleasant lecture for all my readers, art or not art lovers and to be a way to interact with people that have an opinion and sustain it with decent and pertinent arguments.
So I welcome you all on my little world and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Jazz Art - artist Marianne Morris


What did I always like on Marianne's Art is that it expresses through colours very well deep emotions. It doesn't matter it is a bird, it is a musician or a simple umbrela, the way it is done touches your human being. Interesting is the fact how she is applying the colours too. A brush, her hands, a common ustensile, it doesn't really matter. What matters is the final piece and the fact that Marianne follows her own style and...

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Altwinerhof Hotel - Art in Hospitality


If you think about rest when you think holiday, then we have 2 things in common, assuming that the first one is our love for art. Even if I am an active person with love for sports and nature, when it comes to holiday I don’t want to hear about long journeys that sometimes make me more tired than an usual week of the year. For this reason, no matter what place I visit, when I go in holiday I need a...

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Linda Lennea - art for soul



The artist on whom I want to put the spots on today is Linda Lennea, self taught Canadian painter.  Inspired by love for nature, by the peacefulness and quite beauty of countryside landscapes, Linda is bringing us into her world through unique artworks that combine abstract with realism and fantastical elements.

The magic of forests, of the trees, of special moments of the day makes her paintings to stand up immediately among other artworks and...

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Jo-Ann Lowney - about her new series of paintings

One of the artists that I am very found of is Jo-Ann Lowney. All her paintings are bringing me into a dimension close to nature, to beauty and to introspection. “ Storms and the Garden” and " The Tree of Life" are her newest series and I want to make known to you too this wonderful art pieces. As I always said art must give you emotions, bring you to a special mood and keep your imagination and attention...

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Lancaster Arts Hotel - Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


The Story

On 1 September 1881, Thomas E. Franklin of Lancaster sold the lot of 300 Harrisburg Avenue to Arnold Falk, of New York, for $1400. Mr. Falk proceeded to build a 3 ½-story double w...

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Agnes Boulloche - Fantastic Surrealist Painter


Agnès Boulloche born in Paris from father Andre Boulloche, an underground fighter in WW2, Head of Road Office in Morocco and later French Minister of Education, has spent her ear...

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Manfred work -> writing about his Art


You can read in this Article about Manfred Hoenig's Art and learn a little bit from this great artist. Soon you will have the chance to see him AT WORK in his atelier under Artis...

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INTERNATIONAL ART SCREEN EXHIBITION - as an opportunity for Art Lovers


*photo: Karel Kopic

The rhythm of our everyday lives keeps us sometimes too much apart from the things that bring joy in our hearts.  The time spent with family and friends and the time for our hobbies is counted. N...

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INTERNATIONAL ART SCREEN EXHIBITION - as an opportunity for Hotels



Created for the artists, International Art Screen Exhibition it was thought and designed to be supported only by high class locations, especially Hotels.

A hotel is not anymore about a comfortable bed and friendly stuff, each 4- 5 stars hotels offers high services at v...

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INTERNATIONAL ART SCREEN EXHIBITION - as an opportunity for Artists


What I want to bring today in attention is Global’s Vernissage International Art Screen Exhibition as an opportunity for artists.

Because this project has as main objective to bring Art closer to people in an International Level, artists have now the chance to make on...

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