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Even the most successful artists have limits when it comes to reaching a wide audience through gallery shows. Galleries exist as little worlds of their own which attract a certain type of people, typically those who are educated in the arts or are from a higher social class. While gallery exhibitions are important for building up a reputation and making sales, relying solely on gallery shows can be very limiting to emerging artists. Too often, artists leave their works in storage where no one can see them while they apply for another show or deal with another rejection letter.

In the past decade, emerging artists have really begun to branch out of the traditional gallery setting for displaying their art. Instead, they have sought out alternatives exhibition venues. Often, an exhibition venue is as close as the nearest public place to view an art screen. Yes, hotel lobbies and bars are some of the best places to show your art.

Exhibiting in hotels on art screens has a lot of advantages that galleries do not have. Foremost, a hotel attracts much more diverse range of clientele than a gallery does. In one good hotel, you will find a cross-section of business people, travelers, wealthy retirees, etc. and a range of ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds. Rarely will an art gallery attract all these people. Further, even the people who do like to attend gallery shows cannot always do so. Galleries keep odd hours which are not agreeable to some. With a hotel, there is a much higher likelihood that interested parties will have the opportunity to see your artwork.

Hotel art exhibits are a symbiotic relationship between the hotel owner and artist. The artist gets exposure and a chance to sell his/her work. The hotel owner gets interesting new work to put in the lobby and/or bar and also builds up a reputation for supporting the arts scene. If you are an artist looking for exposure, it is important to realize that hotels are not going to put out a call for artists. If you want a hotel show on our art screens, soon here will be an option to pick venue from our hotel list by selecting a city or cities that you like your art works to be shown. In a meanwhile, choose hotels that we already have agreement with and be the first who have opportunity to show artworks world-wide with chance to sell now.

We will launch with 4 to 5 star hotels mainly in Europe cities and 2 hotels in USA. By the end of this year we predict to have network of 10 screens. After launch we will extend to Asia and Latin America fairly rapidly and reach out into more European cities as well until we have 25+ cities in the network. Then you have to decide where you want to be exhibited. Do you want to be in Berlin and London only? Or do you also wish to be seen in Aspen and Singapore? or even Buenos Aires? That all depends on your ambition and desire. With 10 screens the absolute minimum footprint will be 5,000 − 10,000 discrete views per week and when we reach 25 screens that will be in the area of 25,000+ distinct viewing opportunities per week. This scale of exposure you can not achieve in any gallery.

Of course one of the biggest challenges associated with exhibiting art is the physical movement of the works to the gallery. There is the potential for damage or loss and all manner of annoyances associated with transporting and displaying a valuable work. As our gallery is virtual you only have to consider the problem of supplying photographic files that best demonstrate the aesthetic of your creation. It is your selection that is exhibited on the art screens as you create your own exhibit, not us. Of course if you need assistance in that aspect we can always advise. You select your best work and we set it up in our display program.

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Artists know too well the difficulties that can arise in finding a venue to display their art. It is typical that most works spend more time in storage than they do on display − and that is if you can find a gallery willing to exhibit the work at all. It is always the case that there are more artists than there are galleries so it stands to reason that some artists will find their opportunities to display are marginal at best. We can cut out that problem as we do not have the physical constraints of gallery space. We offer the possibility for you to be exhibited somewhere in the world 365 days a year if you so desire. It is only your ambition which limits the scope of your international exposure.

More and more galleries ask for a fee to exhibit. We are therefore not unique in that respect. However we are not limited by geography or space. Our internationally placed art screens open up new horizons to artists and art exhibitors that have previously only been available to those with a truly international reputation. Why should you be limited in your exposure just because you are located in Germany or England or Canada or Argentina. Our fees open a world of opportunities for a minimal outlay.

How often does an artist hear the argument from a gallery that their work is not in vogue? It’s a common theme and a lot of that comes down to the personal prejudices of the gallery owner or curator. We do not make those judgements. If your work is ready to be exhibited then we can help you. We don’t tell you that it is “so last year” or “just not what is in” because we do not have the problems of the traditional art gallery of limited wall space and a limited clientele. Our “wall space” is huge, our footprint is huge and our clientele is changing every single day. With the screens being hung in strictly only 4 and 5 star hotels we have already pre-selected a key part of the demographic to assure your success.

Come and join us in this new gallery experience. There is literally a whole world of opportunities out there and we can offer you a short cut to international exposure in the quickest way possible. Take one or two minutes to complete the form here explaining what are your needs and we will come back to you to discuss your specific requirements.There can be a belief among artists who are determined to produce original work that to succeed in the art world they must have gallery representation. The truth is that only a small number of artists will ever acquire that gallery representation. A far smaller number will acquire gallery representation that is adequate and worthwhile.

Even if you are successful in finding that gallery that is willing to enter into a working relationship with you, the gallery will not do all the work. You need to visit the gallery on a regular basis to meet the owners or managers to build a rapport, to meet potential buyers of your work, to attend openings, to reassure yourself that enough is being done to promote your treasured work. Quite frankly, to ensure success in the gallery environment you need to promote yourself at least as vigorously as before you secured your gallery representation. And on top of that you also have to factor in transport costs and insurance.

If you truly believe that you can pitch your art without qualification or recommendation to galleries until someone falls in love with it to the point where they will assume all your business responsibilities and send you back to your studio to create to your heart’s content then you are kidding yourself. Galleries are not in the business of unearthing the next artistic genius and micromanaging their career. No, they are in the business of selling art. That is plain and simple. They are not in the business of philanthropy - they are in the business of business! Galleries are only interested in art which they believe they can convert into sales and there is one pretty solid rule of thumb for a gallery to know if your work will sell - someone has already bought some of your creations, and even then preferably as many pieces as possible. They want to minimize risk. Of course they want to work with you to extend your client list but it is rarely that they will have any interest whatsoever in nurturing you from scratch. For you to secure a reputable gallery representation without having some form of existing client list is nigh on impossible.

That is the reputable gallery. Then there is the other type of “gallery”. There are always a few viewing spaces which will happily let you hang your work for a fee. You pay the gallery upfront for the use of their walls, you pay for the promotional materials, you pay for the cheese and wine on opening night. They make their money from banking your payments and as an insurance policy they also add the clause that 50% of all sales income. You have simply rented a wall in a Vanity Gallery and for that you will receive no credit unless you strike it very, very lucky. So if you wish to show your art to the widest possible international audience for the lowest possible cost how can that be done? Global Vernissage is the answer. Minimal cost, no transport fees, no insurance. And the clincher is more “visitors” every week than any conventional gallery can provide in an entire year.

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