Manfred Hönig — German Artist —

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Worldwide, there are many artworks throughout history, however there are no dental- related artworks. Have you ever thought of putting the words, dental and art together? The combination opens a new world of unexplored possibilities, and here at Global Vernissage, we are thrilled to introduce the concept.In Europe, dental tourism is a common topic and discussion among Europeans. Most Europeans choose to travel to Eastern Europe to receive dental treatment because of the significant price difference. The low costs of dental treatment in these eastern countries is not due to low quality. On the contrary, the low costs of dental treatments abroad primarily relate to the lower living expenses of dentists in their respective country. The dental tourism sector of the dental industry generates a massive annual profit and furthermore confirms its untapped financial potential to support and sponsor artists.

Since the vast majority of Europeans participate in dental tourism, you must step back and consider the significant value of this industry. Many people perform in-depth research about the various dental clinics available with lower prices before boarding a plane to a foreign country. Therefore, there are numerous blogs and other educational websites with tips, tricks, informative articles, and advice columns that help guide and direct all people in their desperate search for affordable dental treatment. Dental tourism presents a vital worldwide discussion and it is outstandingly relevant to our current society. If artists are included in this movement, the connections are endless and dentists can enjoy a beneficial exchange between two powerful industries, fine art and dentistry

The first artwork, out of a total of 12 promoted artworks on this Dental Art page, will be called, ìNo Junk Food.î How many times have you, as a dentist, told patients to not eat junk food because it ruins teeth and causes horrific hygiene problems? Or, if you are reading this as a patient, not a dentist, how many times have you been told to remove junk food from your diet? Junk food is not only terrible for your teeth, but also one of the main causes for fatal cardiac problems, cholesterol issues, and blood pressure complications. Artists will create dental-related works that perpetuate these essential discussions regarding dental hygiene and treatment.

Viewers of each artwork will be inspired to seek dental treatment in response to these hygiene issues. As a result, the dentists who sponsor these artworks will potentially receive more clients and thereby generate more business. Meanwhile, artists will enjoy being sponsored by dentists and experience financial stability when creating new paintings or other creative works. This Dental Art page presents a positive exchange between dentists and artists. Art sponsors, or dentists, will have a profitable platform online to effectively advertise their treatment services, while simultaneously benefitting the professional careers of artists.