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Throughout our history, we have always had a great deal of passion for art and have always found ourselves marvel at the sheer beauty of the many pieces of art in all its form. We wonder how exactly these beautiful forms of human emotions are exquisitely expressed in a way that is truly soul touching. And it is the same passion that has bought together folks at “
Art Work in Progress” to share their unique insight and show people how some of these great piece of art are made.

The website is a lot of fun for anyone who is intrigued by some of the master pieces of our art world. The website is not necessarily made to target people who want to learn painting or making sculptures. It merely shows us how each and every piece of the puzzle is put together into one marvelous structure. Not only this there is much more the website has to offer. It not only gives art-lovers a chance to learn and marvel at the beauty that went into the production of these pieces, but also provides them with a platform that allows them to interact with other individuals with the same interest, creating a type of experience that is both unforgettable and unrivaled.

In addition, individuals who decide to sign up receive a number of perks and benefits from the website that further enhances their stay. The site is also very up-to date and happening. One such example is the weekly topic selection for the type of art work that is to be displayed. This is quite an interesting opportunity as it not only diversifies the user level of interaction and but also enhances their knowledge about art as the topics range from a variety of subjects and genres. The subject which is selected is thus put forward for further discussion and related pieces of art are displayed for the users to admire and also learn how exactly are they made. Everything just falls into place perfectly and the whole time on the website is just an exciting and fun-filled vacation.

Signing in the website is also a very easy task to accomplish and given all that the website has to offer this must be done as soon as possible. Just after a few steps of easy signing up procedure you are given complete access to the world of creativity, imagination and inspiration filled with social exchanges from people who share the very passion you have for art and all its forms. All in all,
Artist at Work has proved to be a great place for art enthusiasts to share their opinion and experiences and learn from professionals while they are at it. So don't miss out on this opportunity and sign-up now before it's too late.

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Manfred Hönig — German Artist
Manfred Hönig,

Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1961, living in Nuremberg from 1965 to 2000, between 1980 and 1991 Studies in Physics, Philosophy, Psychology and Art History at the Friedrich -Alexander - University in Erlangen. Interested in painting since I could hold a pen I started things in earnest in the seventies, picking up knowledge from other artists, during a stretch as a guest student at the Nuremberg Academy of fine Arts and various holiday classes. So I am more or less an autodidactic painter.

Being interested in landscape painting I was inspired by traveling in the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Morocco, Nepal, India, Australia, Scotland, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, Norway. Since 1987 I am teaching classes privately, in evening schools, and for the german producer of artist colours, Schmincke Company.


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Agnes Boulloche — French Artist
Agnes Life.

Agnes Boulloche born in Paris from father Andre Boulloche, an underground fighter in WW2, Head of Road Office in Morocco and later French Minister of Education , has spent her early years in Morocco, where she developed her taste for underworld fairies, unknown lands and myths of little creatures. After her returning in Paris, she attended the …cole des Arts Decoratifs and she focused on the painting in oil on wood and opened soon after graduating her first exhibition in Paris. In 1972 Agnes had a daughter, Julie Lipinski, that follows the artistic and creator talent of her mother as a film director and writer.

Now Agnes Boulloche lives and works alternately in Paris and in the Ile de RÈ. Her love for life, nature, animals, humans it can be seen both in her paintings and sculptures.Agnes Boulloche was exhibited in France, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, the US and even in Africa.


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Linda Lennea — Canadian Artist
Linda Lennea Biography

I am a self taught Canadian painter.I love the peacefulness of the country side and the quiet beauty of nature. I have been creative since a small child.In 1997 I started painting....first in oils and water-color now in acrylic paint. Realism has given way to abstract/contemporary....which has always been my first love in art. I love the freedom of abstract, which is for me the ability to enter another world. Where elements have emotions...emotions can be seen. My paintings are not inspired by anything in particular. They are simply visions in my imagination, and on canvas they become a place where imagination meets the world. My world !


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Marianne Morris — Canadian Artist
My work is mainly about expressing emotion. I use my painting to explore things we all experience on a daily basis but rarely examine; emotions like joy, loneliness, sorrow, love, connection. Using colour, pattern and symbolism, I explore the relationships between us and our surroundings, ourselves and the things that influence the pattern of our lives, like culture, music, and nature.

Traditional tools, supplemented with digital technology, stretch the possibilities for my images. Each painting starts with a photograph, drawing or a combination, and a piece of music. The backgrounds are painted intuitively, the soundtrack providing the inspiration. I use whatever tool strikes me in the moment: sometimes paint is applied with a brush, but often it is my hands, a kitchen utensil, or something improvised. The photograph is used for reference as the form emerges from the background, final touches adding the details to the subject. I have a BA from the University of Waterloo, and currently reside in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.


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