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Ella Fitzgerald
Marianne Morris

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Ella Fitzgerald, otherwise known as the "First Lady of Song" and the "Queen of Jazz", had a vocal range spanning 3 octaves. She had an amazing improvisational ability, and was particularly known for her scat singing. Her career started out at the Apollo Theater in Harlem in the 30s, continued until her death in the early 90s, and included over 200 albums.

I had a hard time finding a photo of Ella that I liked, so I went through all the video I could find and took screen captures to work from. This was a very time consuming process, as I wanted an image of her actually singing and not looking posed as in so many of the pictures from her early years. After compiling over 50 images, I chose a couple to merge together to use for my portrait.

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Louis Armstrong
Marianne Morris
Louis Armstrong

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ella fitzgerald
Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong

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Marianne Morris

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Step 1

Marianne Morris Art

Black - As always, I'm starting out on a black base. I want the final piece to have the same feel the others in this series, so I'm following a similar approach and colour palate.

Next Upload 05.07.2014

Step 2

Marianne Morris Art

white paint pen - I love these pens. I put on the music, in this case it was a "best of" compilation, and tried to get the feel of the music. I kept to the more upbeat tunes, to keep my lines lively. Most of this will be covered, but it helps to add some texture and get me in the right frame of mind to work.

Next Upload 07.07.2014

Step 3

Marianne Morris Art

white paint - I knew that I wanted the background moody, much like in my Billie Holliday painting, so the white is mainly concentrated in the area where I think her face will go. This is only a first step, which will be overlaid with layers of colour.

Next Upload 09.07.2014

Step 4

Marianne Morris Art

first layer of colour - Things felt good so I kept the music on, and painted in my fist layers of colour. I'm using transparent paints, to allow the lines from my pen work and brush strokes from the white to show through. I can make areas more opaque by adding a little bit of white, or using the paint in a more impasto way.

Next Upload 10.07.2014

Step 5

Marianne Morris Art

altered tools - I am a big fan of using unconventional painting tools. I have a fairly wide selection at this point, but the ones I reached for while working on this piece were a squeegee from the dollar store that I had cut notches from, and a thick hardware store paint brush that I had altered with scissors. I have my share of traditional paint brushes, but I will often use one or two of my home made tools… it completely depends on how I feel when I'm working and the mood I'm trying to get across. These ones made somewhat rhythmic marks that I thought fit the music well.

Next Upload 12.07.2014

Step 6

Marianne Morris Art

drawings - I worked out my initial drawing from the photo I had chosen, and then did another couple from other photos. I had a difficult time getting a likeness, but couldn't figure out exactly where I was going wrong. Here's where technology comes in… I took a photo of my drawing with my phone, uploaded it to my laptop, and in Photoshop I overlaid the drawing on my initial photo to see where I was off. I then corrected the drawing and tried again, continuing in the same vein until I got something that seemed reasonably close. It was time consuming, but I knew that if I got it wrong here, I'd never be able to get the painting looking right.

Next Upload 14.07.2014

Step 7

Marianne Morris Art

I use tracing paper to do my drawings… it has the advantage of being translucent enough that I can see what I've already done and make corrections, but is sturdy enough that I can cut it out and use it as a mask. Here is my final drawing. I think I had done at least 10 by this time…

Next Upload 16.07.2014

Step 8

Marianne Morris Art

I placed my mask where I want her to be in the painting and draw a light outline in white chalk. Right away I can see the areas that are going to give me trouble… the big red fan shape in her chin will look " goulash " as she said in her comment ghoulish, and the forward shoulder will have to be considerably lighter to look like it's in front.

Next Upload 18.07.2014

Step 9

Marianne Morris Art

I blocked in the lighter areas with white, making sure I get a bit of interesting texture in the areas outside her face.

Next Upload 20.07.2014

Step 10

Marianne Morris Art

I fill in her face with yellow as a starting layer. I will be building up the form from here. In her neck and shoulder area I use colour to give it some interest and visual texture.

Next Upload 21.07.2014

Step 11

Marianne Morris Art

I put my mask in place and check the areas underneath. I can see enough through the paper that I'm pretty confident this will be fine.

Next Upload 23.07.2014

Step 12

Marianne Morris Art

With my mask in place I paint the background with a mix of payne's grey and brown. I want the darkest area around the face, which will be the point of highest contrast and the focal point.

Next Upload 24.07.2014

Step 13

Marianne Morris Art

Using the brown and grey thinned out with medium, I blend the dark area around the face into the background. I want to tone it down a bit, reduce the saturation, but not cover it. I want to get across that the music is part of her, and she is part of the music… they are one in the same. To do this I want there to be some continuation of the marks within and outside of the figure. I also use a light brown chalk to transfer my drawing onto the canvas. I would normally use white, but that will be very difficult to see on yellow.

Next Upload 26.07.2014

Step 14

Marianne Morris Art

Now it's time for me to build up the form in the face. I use a heavy body white because I want it very opaque, but the brown is a fluid acrylic mixed with medium to increase the flow. I want to be able to build it up in layers so I won't accidentally get it too dark.

Next Upload 27.07.2014

Step 15

Marianne Morris Art

I keep building up the lights and darks to get the form of the face. I've used the same orange in the background as on her lips.

Next Upload 29.07.2014

Step 16

Marianne Morris Art

At this point I put in some really strong highlights to get the feel of the stage lights, and add a bit of detail to her hair.

Next Upload 31.07.2014

Step 17

Marianne Morris Art

Her jawline is a bit too strong and it is bothering me, so I paint over the dark shadow with white and repeat the steps to soften it. I also put in some highlights to give her hair a bit of form.

Next Upload 02.08.2014

Step 18

Marianne Morris Art

I realize at this point there is also something not quite right about her mouth. I go back to my screen shots and reanalyse, then redraw the area to get it to look a bit closer. I paint out some of the dark area with white to correct the shape.

Next Upload 03.08.2014

Step 19

Marianne Morris Art

I use a very thin transparent brown to tone down the yellow in her face and give it a bit more form. I also soften the highlights on her cheek and chin, and darken up the shadows around her eyes to give it a bit more depth.

Next Upload 04.08.2014

Final Step

Marianne Morris Art

A touchup on her lips and I'm all done. Now I paint the sides, sign it and give the whole thing a coat of varnish to protect it. Some hanging hardware and she's ready to go on the wall.

The Final Art Work! Thank you for your time and comments ........

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