Global Vernissage bypasses the thousands of useless online tips and tricks to sell artwork on the web, or the superficial organization of Facebook Friends and Twitter accounts to print customized business cards.

What are we trying to do? How is Global Vernissage different? On the contrary, Globe Vernissage is trying to offer long-term leveraged value for artists, instead of getting the last penny out of each artist. We are going a different way and revolutionizing the online marketplace and international Art Sponsoring opportunities for all artists.

Besides our screen art exhibition, Global Vernissage embraces the development and international exposure of each artist by opening online registration to our site and providing a free 1-week exhibition on one of our screens. We are art sponsoring specialists.

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Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1961, living in Nuremberg from 1965 to 2000, between 1980 and 1991 Studies in Physics, Philosophy, Psychology and Art History at the Friedrich -Alexander - University in Erlangen. Interested in painting since I could hold a pen I started things in earnest in the seventies, picking up knowledge from other artists, during a stretch as a guest student at the Nuremberg Academy of fine Arts and various holiday classes. So I am more or less an autodidactic painter.

Being interested in landscape painting I was inspired by traveling in the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Morocco, Nepal, India, Australia, Scotland, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, Norway. Since 1987 I am teaching classes privately, in evening schools, and for the german producer of artist colors, Schmincke Company

The Age of Junkfood
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